Living in LUZERN

Whether you are moving to Switzerland with school age kids or you currently live here and have children approaching school age, it is likely that you are considering whether you ‘go local’ and enroll your children in the Swiss schools or make a financial sacrifice and enroll your children in a private school. Sometimes, you get lucky and the company you work for takes care of this decision for you… but if not… here are a couple resources you might want to look into:

Going Local

Going Local – Your Guide to Swiss Schooling

Going Local  is an authoritative guide for parents who wish to gain a better understanding of the Swiss school system. It maps out all the stages of schooling from kindergarten to university in all 26 cantons, providing key facts and useful terminology in German, French, and Italian.

Going Local unravels how children advance through the school system and…

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Playgroups and Courses for Kids around Switzerland

These playgroups and courses are in English and generally the Mom goes with the baby or toddler. If you know of any additional ones, please add a comment and we’ll update the list.



  • International Women’s Club of Lucerne (website)
  • Kindermusik with Brandy (website)
  • Living in Luzern Playgroups (website)
  • Singing in English for Babies and Toddlers (website)
  • Sunshine Baby and Kids (website)
  • Zwergensprache (website)


  • Infant and Toddler Playgroup (website)




  • International Mums and Kids Club (website)



Usborne Book Organizers in Switzerland

Usborne Books

Usborne Books are fantastic English books for children which are available in Switzerland through individual organizers. Below is a listing of Usborne Book Organizers and their locations. If you would like to be added to this list or would like more information about becoming an Usborne Book Organizer please fill out the Usborne Book Organizer form below.

We also have a Facebook Group for people in Switzerland who are interested in Usborne Books: Usborne Books Switzerland


  • Sally Carrer – bestforbooks@gmail.com


  • Joy Foster – joy.foster@livinginluzern.info


  • Joanna Gray – joanna@gray-art.com
  • Michelle Mihalkovic – QEBooksCH@gmail.com


  • Downtown Zurich: Stephanie McHugh – mchugh.stephanie@gmail.com
  • Downtown Zurich & Dietikon: Chrissy Restelli – odissidancerkl@yahoo.com
  • Zurich: Michelle Mihalkovic – QEBooksCH@gmail.com

Winterthur, Schaffhausen, Chur and Lugano and Geneva

  • Michelle Mihalkovic – QEBooksCH@gmail.com

USBORNE BOOK CONTACT FORM (your email will be forwarded to the appropriate region):


Mumpreneurs are a hot topic in Switzerland!


Being a Mom in the 21st century has gotten even more exciting. Long gone are the days when dreaming about a job you could run from the comfort of your own how was just that – a dream. Many Moms around the Switzerland have started to take the term Mumpreneur very seriously. Below is a listing of the Mum/Mompreneur businesses around Switzerland. I’ve also included some Facebook Support Groups.



Aarau based

  • Helen Doron Early English Learning Studio by Alison Spencer (website) English for Children between 2-8 years old plus craft afternoons for children and adults

Geneva & Vaud based (Western Switzerland)

  • Angela Mcfall Art (website)
  • Forget Me Not by Liz Andrews (website)
  • I winked at the Moon by Marlene van Jaarsveld (facebook page) Jewelry
  • Knowitall.ch (website) by Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman and Allegory House (website) by Denise Nickerson: Know-it-all passport is a book you can purchase with over 500 pages of information about living in the Geneva / Lausanne area, Education Guide Switzerland is a guide to all education available in English in Switzerland and Allegory House creates custom designed learning experiences including vocational and academic guidance.
  • Lulu’s Wardrobe by Silke Handley (website) Ethical fashion for women and babies/children (0-4 years) handmade using natural fibres originating from Nepal. Lulu’s Wardrobe works in line with fair trade principles, strongly in support of the local market and circumstances of local entrepreneurs.
  • Marlene van Jaarsweld Art (facebook page)
  • Michelle Petersen Photography by Michelle Petersen (website) Family photography
  • Moms-in-Vaud Social Network (website) and Expat Doula Switzerland (website) by Michelle Walz – Moms-in-Vaud is a website for parents who live in western Switzerland and Expat Doula Switzerland is a website with information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting support in English.
  • Ethel’s Anti-Aging by Ethel Kunz (website) Skin products
  • Rose and Luca by Micala Duvoux (website) Bags for women and children
  • SHEzone by Charlaine Jannerfeldt (website) Outdoor sports activities for women by women

Lausanne based

  • Toute Sweet by Nikki Smith Wick (website) cake/decorated cookie business
  • Ilona Emanuelsson and Zeynep Akten-Platel: Lycon Wax and other Cosmetic distribution (website)

Luzern & Zug based

  • Africious by Liz Balsys – (website)  Online-shop for exclusively selected high quality afro hair, beauty and skincare products in Switzerland and Europe for women, men and children
  • Andaleeb Lilley Photography by Andaleeb Lilley (website) Photography all types (Family, Corporate, School, etc.)
  • Singing in English for Babies and Toddlers by Anya Heini (more info on Living in Luzern) Tuesday mornings in Luzern
  • boo merino by Amanda Petrillo (website) Merino wool designer with products for babies, toddlers and children
  • boutique signorelli by Tracy Signorelli (website) Unique baby and toddler clothes from Europe and Australia
  • Cakelicious by Angela La Porte (website) Cakes and Cupcakes
  • Emma Lundwall Designs (website)
  • favouritz by Jeannette Domeisen-Soegaard (website) Unique clothing and products for women and children
  • fischer art + design by Angela Fischer (website) Graphic designer who produces very professional logos, flyers, websites and other types of sales material
  • Global Living by Linette Langenhuizen (website) Consultant Counselor Coach
  • Good ID! by Lisette Eijgermans (website) Products for children
  • Hair Stylist – Jenn Gappmaier (facebook) jennifer.gappmaier@gmail.com +41 79 126 26 42
  • Harmony Wellness by Karen Grant-Zimmermann (website) Spa in Vitznau for up to 4 people
  • Hip and Happy by Astrid Kobel-Lettinga (website) Lifestyle Kids and Women
  • Kinderland Luzern by Katja Scarmiella (website) Indoor Play area in Luzern
  • Living in Luzern by Joy Foster (website) Website in Luzern which connects Expats and also runs playgroups
  • Physio based Pilates by Moira Lanagan (more info on Living in Luzern)
  • Small World by Karen Kurzmeyer (website) Language travel agency in Luzern
  • Sunshine Baby and Kids by Tracy Signorelli (website) Dance, movement, sensory for babies and toddlers
  • Tara Yoga by Shenoa Tara (more info on Living in Luzern) Yoga geared at helping you recover from the stress of the week
  • The Look Studio by Brenda Sutter (website) Mary Kay Makeup Consultant
  • The Language Professionals started by Nina Blaettler (website) Language courses
  • The Norweigen Hausfrau by Therese Moser-Ronning (website) Foody blog with recipes and menus
  • Zwergensprache by Anna Stammler (website)

Neuchatel based

  • Bateau Rouge by Victoria Sparkes (facebook page) Re-loving old furniture and brocante items using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Reves de Sucre by Marta Minuto (website) Wedding and Birthday Cakes
  • Atelierbe by Jessica Chauvot (website) Cushions and Home accessories
  • Swiss Celebrations by Abbie Therrien (website)

Ticino based

  • All for Kids by Robin Bodnuga (website) Imported high quality toys, learning activites, books and DVDs from America and Great Britain

Zurich based

  • Bill and Bessie by Sharon Vaz (website) Lifestyle Accessories
  • Britshop by Joanne Fässler-Butcher (website) Britshop is an online retailer, importing a variety of packaged British Food Products from the UK
  • Greuzi Newcomer by Cécile Bastien-Remy (website) Guidebook in English for Zurich, Obersee, Winterthur and Schafhausen
  • Greif Recovery Specialist – Karen Andersson Hagelin (website)
  • GLOBAL ART SOURCE (website) & GLOBAL HEALTH SOURCE (website) by Susanne Widmer
  • Healthy and Safe Away from Home by Luitgard Holzleg (website) Health and Safety Courses such as First Aid in English
  • Kindermusik by Brandy Butler (website) Interactive music classes for children of all ages (Classes in Luzern, Baar, Thalwil & Zug as well)
  • Paper Party Love by Carla Rippstein (website) Invitations and customized party decorations
  • Perfect Packages by Tala Daniele von Daeniken (website) Bespoke party printables, weddings and event management, as well as image consulting and makeup classes
  • Prêt à Party by Shannon Calheim Sagawe (website) a great selection of party supplies not easily found in Switzerland, but we have a great baking section
  • Rockmybaby.ch by Tanya (website) Nanny agency and leading childcare recruitment agents
  • Smart Owls by Karen Clayton (website) English language and literacy development in children from 4 – 12 years old
  • Steinmann International by Desiree Steinmann (website) Coaching – Training – Development
  • Tasty Cakes by Victoria Jaggli (website) Uniquely designed cakes and cupcakes
  • Women’s Expo by Mia Chuma (website) Expo in Zurich designed to showcase and bring together Mumpreneurs
  • Xpat Xchange by Louisa Williams Schibli (website) Expat info at your fingertips

Holiday Rentals run by Mumpreneurs in Switzerland

  • Island View Holiday Apartments by Liz Andrews (website) Lovely new apartments in a tiny fishing Cove in South West Cornwall.

All over Switzerland

  • Simplicity Admins by Sarah Santacroce (website) Simple Small Business Solutions
  • Zwergensprache (Sign language) contact Karin Patton-Scheidegger (website)
  • Zwergensprache by Kerstin Sidler (website) Sursee, Willisau und Entlebuch
  • Zwergensprache by Anna Stammler (website) Meggen and Luzern
  • Quality English Books by Michelle Mihalkovic (website) Usborne Books

Informational Blogs and Books about Living in Switzerland for Expats

One of the best ways to find out about what is going on in your area or what is available to you locally is to start following local blogs. Below is a listing of blogs that we’ve found and/or run ourselves (please note these are informational blogs, for business blogs, please check out our Mumpreneurs post):  


  • There is a group called the Basel Children’s Trust (BCT) and they help English-Speaking families transition from ‘bump to babe and beyond’


  • The Geneva Family Diaries are very popular. The Know-it-all passport in Geneva may look daunting (apparently it is over 600 pages!) but it is in English and has a pretty extensive table of contents list.





  • The American Women of Ticino (AWOT) produce a book called ‘Living in Ticino‘ for their members.



  • Anglo Info Zurich (website)
  • My Girlfriend Guide to Zurich (website)
  • The New Stork Times produces a book called ‘In and around Zurich with kids’ which costs around 43 chf.
  • Zuriplay – playgrounds in Zurich (website)


If you know of any other blogs, please post them in the comments section and we’ll add them as


Courses and Playgroups in Luzern

Mondays: LiL Playgroups 10-11:30am & 15:15-16:45pm / Pieter Kuelen Outdoor Fitness 18:30-19:45

Tuesdays: Baby and Toddler Singing in English 9:15-10am & 10:30-11:15am/ Pilates with Moira 9, 10 & 11am

Wednesdays: Sunshine Baby and Kids 9:30-10:15am & 10:30-11:15am /Dads Group at Kinderland 10-noon / Kindermusik with Brandy 14:30-15:30 & 15:45-16:30 / Vital Space Yoga with Shenoa Tara 17:45-19:00

Thursdays: LiL Playgroups 10-11:30am / Pieter Kuelen Outdoor Fitness19-20:45

Fridays: Sunshine Baby and Kids 10-10:45am

Saturdays: Working Moms & Dads Group at Magic Planet 10-noon / Vital Space Yoga with Shenoa Tara 9:30-10:45am