Informational Blogs and Books about Living in Switzerland for Expats

One of the best ways to find out about what is going on in your area or what is available to you locally is to start following local blogs. Below is a listing of blogs that we’ve found and/or run ourselves (please note these are informational blogs, for business blogs, please check out our Mumpreneurs post):  


  • There is a group called the Basel Children’s Trust (BCT) and they help English-Speaking families transition from ‘bump to babe and beyond’


  • The Geneva Family Diaries are very popular. The Know-it-all passport in Geneva may look daunting (apparently it is over 600 pages!) but it is in English and has a pretty extensive table of contents list.





  • The American Women of Ticino (AWOT) produce a book called ‘Living in Ticino‘ for their members.



  • Anglo Info Zurich (website)
  • My Girlfriend Guide to Zurich (website)
  • The New Stork Times produces a book called ‘In and around Zurich with kids’ which costs around 43 chf.
  • Zuriplay – playgrounds in Zurich (website)


If you know of any other blogs, please post them in the comments section and we’ll add them as


4 Comments to “Informational Blogs and Books about Living in Switzerland for Expats”

  1. A website of all the playgrounds in the CIty of Zürich…

  2. My blog is for the dual career couples whatever they have kids of not:
    Hoping you’ll like it.

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