Courses and Playgroups in Luzern

Mondays: LiL Playgroups 10-11:30am & 15:15-16:45pm / Pieter Kuelen Outdoor Fitness 18:30-19:45

Tuesdays: Baby and Toddler Singing in English 9:15-10am & 10:30-11:15am/ Pilates with Moira 9, 10 & 11am

Wednesdays: Sunshine Baby and Kids 9:30-10:15am & 10:30-11:15am /Dads Group at Kinderland 10-noon / Kindermusik with Brandy 14:30-15:30 & 15:45-16:30 / Vital Space Yoga with Shenoa Tara 17:45-19:00

Thursdays: LiL Playgroups 10-11:30am / Pieter Kuelen Outdoor Fitness19-20:45

Fridays: Sunshine Baby and Kids 10-10:45am

Saturdays: Working Moms & Dads Group at Magic Planet 10-noon / Vital Space Yoga with Shenoa Tara 9:30-10:45am


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