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Usborne Book Organizers in Switzerland

Usborne Books

Usborne Books are fantastic English books for children which are available in Switzerland through individual organizers. Below is a listing of Usborne Book Organizers and their locations. If you would like to be added to this list or would like more information about becoming an Usborne Book Organizer please fill out the Usborne Book Organizer form below.

We also have a Facebook Group for people in Switzerland who are interested in Usborne Books: Usborne Books Switzerland


  • Sally Carrer –


  • Joy Foster –


  • Joanna Gray –
  • Michelle Mihalkovic –


  • Downtown Zurich: Stephanie McHugh –
  • Downtown Zurich & Dietikon: Chrissy Restelli –
  • Zurich: Michelle Mihalkovic –

Winterthur, Schaffhausen, Chur and Lugano and Geneva

  • Michelle Mihalkovic –

USBORNE BOOK CONTACT FORM (your email will be forwarded to the appropriate region):